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Not that creative? Neither am I! My custom edible images are easy, look great, and most importantly, make that special person happy on their special day.

EdiblePhotos was created to fill a need for a special cake for my son. Having no creativity in the cake decorating department, I sought out edible printing to fill the need.

My background in computing, graphic design and printing made it all fall together.

What sets me apart from the others?

I come from a graphic design background. All of the designs are 300 dpi photo print quality, and I take the time to make sure the colors are bright, vibrant, and true to the picture.

I use coordinating fonts and text effects to the design. I go above and beyond to ensure your special persons day is special and memorable. I want to create that perfect image for you. There really isn’t anything I can’t do, so if you have a creative challenge for me, message me.

Printed on high quality edible icing paper (not wafer or rice paper that the grocery stores and ice cream stores use)

I use high quality edible ink, also certified kosher, dairy, gluten and nut free. I use only premium icing sheets, as they are thicker and will not bleed like others on the market. I do not use discount brands.

My frosting sheets taste like icing, not like paper!